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This website's mission is to bring together my own full entire production in motorsport, graphics, advertising and arts from yesterday, today and tomorrow, tagged "Stivi", "StiviGraf" and "Vanillah".
The collected material is divided into sections and subsections. Each page has a link to corresponding Italian version, a brief description, preview image gallery and scroll arrows to move to previous/next work or section.

Testo in Italiano
Chronological debug to "clean up" various activities.
That is a blog, updated diary about new works and new publications in this website.
This section is richer and more complex, with all the liveries made, studies, sketches and race cars art reproductions. Each page contains information about the customer, the technique used and the type of surgery (partial or total work, study only, etc.)
The various works are collected and largely replicated in several subsections, with different cataloging criteria.
If present in several subsections, pages are provided for switch links to the various correspondences and/or any "stories" esplicate in the various chapters of the De.bug section.
Cars & Bikes - Race cars and bikes liveries cataloged about brand, model and driver.
Drivers - Cars & Bikes subsection replica, reordered driver to driver in alphabetical order.
It also includes some helmet, fine art and other extra work not related to cars and/or racing motorcycles.
Teams - Cars & Bikes subsection replica, reordered team to team.
It also includes related service and support vehicles.
Designs - Collection preparatory studies and executive sketches, cataloged by brand car/bike and model, with links to relevant work pages collected carried out in earlier subsections.
Also includes not made liveries drafts, as well as other extra fine art reproductions and illustrations commissioned by various motor sports magazines.
Sim Racing - Collection works extra made in virtual environment, drafts, skin and 3D modeling.
Palmar├ęs - Past and present winners, "hall of fame" of major sporting successes achieved season after season from cars and motorcycles branded "Stivi", "StiviGraf" and "Vanillah", with links to the relevant descriptive web pages.
ADV - Pages and advertisements published in newspapers, campaigns, etc.
Prints and posters - Advertising posters, flyers, tickets, cards and postcards, etc.
Publishing and covers - Brochures, inserts, covers and other graphic works for the general publishing industry.
Logos and logotypes unpublished or revisions of existing logos.
Scrawls - Sketches, pictures, paintings, including decorations/personalized items made with various techniques.
Airbrush - Space dedicated to custom-art production, art and illustrations mainly airbrushed.
Motor Art - Focus on artistic and fine art motorsport works.
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