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Why "Vanillah" ?

The Vanillah's etymology don't arises from a simple "h" added to a stereotyped
English translation of Italian word "vaniglia" ...

In 2002, my work represented only a little graphics compartment, a "niche"
("vano" in Italian). Significant and thick production, but at the same time seemingly
ephemeral and "vain" ("vana"), dedicated "vains" ("vanitosi") drivers and subjects
that with my liveries discerning personal and/or commercial needs to appear and
stand out from races.

"Glue" of all, my boundless love for the vanilla, meaning flower, orchid, fruit,
color, ice cream, fragrance, scent, taste, everything.

The final eich is my goal, that orgasmic"ah", amazement, I was trying to rip my
every work and that, when it comes, is still my personal more important gratification.
Testo in Italiano
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