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Vanillah - de.bug / 2013.10.01
The renovation work of this web space is proving to be longer than expected. Tell the truth, I had not really expected a deadline, a date of re-publication of this mega on.line archive. I found a lot of "pre-digital era" card photographs to be scanned, even pre-StiviGraf. Documentation of the thriving airbrush period, as the most recent files of my collaborations in the Italian and European hill-climb championships, the long period in various track activity with Ferrari Challenge and Italian GT Championship. More digging in my hard drive I find more material for publication, things that I had forgotten and other things that I had never shared before. The new sharing features and the double Italian/English version require accurate links to check, recheck and verify every single insertion because everything turns to perfection.
As I write these words, the public version of the site is still one launched in 2005, shooting and published a year ago. I can't wait to "remove the locks " to this version and leave with brand new works, publishing them here as they will be born ...

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