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Vanillah - de.bug / 2014.02.16
I started to follow rally world from early age and I've probably learned to know the various rally car before learning to read and write. Soon I started to draw them, turning this passion into a job and then in the thousands of jobs that I'm picking up here in this website. For a couple of months I'm trying to give shape to an idea that takes my primitive "draw rally cars" passion, a project linked to the World Rally Championship history wich organization is almost old as me. In fact the dispute of first "International Rally Constructors Championship" dates back to 1970, borrowed from the 1973 into "Constructors Rally World Championship". The rally of the 60s era were very different from today's rally about cars, technology, people and regulations. The first International Rally Constructors Championship was disputed along the lines of the already proven European Rally Championship with the addition of some races outside the old continent. My idea is to document the history of the World Rally Championship from 1970 onwards with draw works dedicated to men and cars. The project is to publish my final work and then deploy it as a book, with lots of facts, history and anecdotes related to the corresponding motorsport season, technical description for the car models illustrated, history of the drivers and main character, the World Rally Champion that year. Alternatively, I thought to an on-demand distributions single limited and numbered highest quality prints, calendars, and so on.
Two work types: "techniques" tables for starring cars of the various seasons and boards more "artistic" for yesterday and today rally champions. Doing a quick calculation, from 1970 to the current 2014 season I will deliver 44 technical views and other 44 designs for many drivers. Although the world rally title devoted to drivers born later with the "FIA Cup" experiment, for the biennium 1977/78 became "Drivers Rally World Championship" from 1979 onwards, I decided to cover also the six motor seasons from 1970 to 1976, identifying the "virtual world champion" as the top-scorer of the season, the driver over the league has collected more points for the respective car manufacturer.
So, as part of my project the first "World Rally Champion" of the story, 
Björn Waldegård (1979 - Ford Escort and Mercedes 450) is also fair value to its triumphal march of 1970, when heavily contributed to the triumph of the first Porsche FIA Constructors' Cup. Hannu Mikkola first 4WD World Champion in 1983, it was already the "best" in 1975, bringing points to Fiat, Peugeot and Toyota. In 1971, the Alpine-Renault won the constructors' title thanks largely to the success of Ove Andersson. And so on, with the fabulous 1973 Alpine season of Jean-Luc Thérier a recognition of our "Drago" Sandro Munari first FIA Cup winner in 1977 but already "Virtual World Rally Champion" in 1974 and 1976 thanks to the epic undertakings with Lancia Fulvia and Stratos. Talkin' about Lancia, the manufacturer from Torino won the World Rally Champion in 1972, but the top drivers of the season was Hakan Lindberg at the wheel of a Fiat 124 Abarth pushed up with his achievements, personally picking up more points (also "virtual") of Sandro Munari and all the others.

A long presentation for a long project which I think every day and that will take a long time for its final deadline. But in progress, I decided to start collecting here ] the preview of step by step made boards, waiting for a complete finish. Doing a quick calculation, then the totally work will be 88 boards, unless I decides to expand further treatment even in extra tables which could be the winners of the various sub-championships or parallel championships inaugurated the modern era as the FIA Group N Cup, Production, 2WD, WRC2 and WRC3, FIA Ladies Cup et cetera.

Meanwhile, let's start with the publication ... if they are roses bloom!
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