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Vanillah - de.bug / 2013.05.02
We were young and someone was already a myth. They were quick years, fabulous and terrible, simple and awesome. Does anyone remember the gr.B era as the most expressive rally world moment. I remember those cars, I remember those drivers, those myths.
Tour de Corse 1985

"One of us", Attilio Bettega from Molveno crosses his tragic fate, touched on only a few years before, always in Corsica.
Tour de Corse 1986

The appointment with the fate is for Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto.
A year later. Same date. Same race, same race number. Same team. Sometimes fate knows how to dress itself a tragic irony ...
Better, worse, by these days rallies will not be the same. I was a boy and already in the summer '85 drew the Bettega's 037 (now being restored and will be here soon) engaged in those last few corners on the damned island. It was a gift for 'Icio Perissinot, my fellow countryman and a myth too for me.
Many years has gone, I was able to play some rally sitting on the right seat. Meanwhile also 'Icio left us torn from an incurable and bastard disease. And today, in yet another anniversary of those two terrible days that meant the end of gr.B but delivered to the glory these guys, I had this inspiration ... an illustration that will reunite all four together, again engaged in special stage.

Testo in Italiano
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