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Vanillah - de.bug / 2015.07.26
Still a social contest, this time a bit 'out of my habits. My friend Fabio pointed me to a graphic challenge of a slighty "doc. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".
Bryan Salamone is an accomplished divorce lawyer from New York, who once castoff mode and protocols required by his profession, plunges body and soul to his real pure passion: the Lamborghini brand. With his supercars, Bryan participate in most famous American road rally. Warning: in Cannonball world "rally" are long and noisy coast to coast tours, plenty of appareal, excess, crap and ... pussy. One Bryan's Aventador was also figure in a 50 cent music video. But that's not all. Between a law sentence dispute and other ones, between a Cannonball and another, Bryan is also very active on solidarity and charity front, and its not ashamed to match the image of its supercars to charity and fundraisers events (which obviously helps in first person)
That is, a few weeks ago Bryan launched via Facebook a contest to design the livery of its brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV. Another baby to gallop around U.S. runs, with few rounds probably also in Europe. Unique contest restriction: restraint chrome wrapping use.
I'm used to project and draw "image functionally" racing cars liveries. Despite a thriving past in most genuine custom art world (the faboluos '80s ...), today I feel pretty far away from everything calling tha Fast&Furios "culture", tuning end itself and subsequent kitsch deviations. But a Lamby is a Lamby and I had never draw one before ...
So I have gone in my virtual bodyshop to try to pull off something captivating. Aftre workin' hard to obtain a perfect Aventador SV 3D model, I've got inside of chrome and neon green/black, few colors but much high contrast.

Here is the final cut:
Testo in Italiano
[ Here ] you can also find some shot preview of the "Little bull".
Bryan liked my "Ninja Bull Chrome" proposal. However, the final choice fell on another proposal of two young American designers, who opted for a much more classical and elegant chrome, black and gold livery.

I'm very happy for them but also for me: I had fun drawing without sponsor or marketing constraints. If there will be another chance in future I'll try again ;)
Fast & Furiosssssss !!! Ah ah ah
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