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Vanillah - de.bug / 2015.05.02
I've just got to wrote and tell a lot about affection that blinds me to a certain part of past rally world. I refer to the wonderful/tremendous group B era that at time, as a boy, I was lucky enough to live in first person. And I've realized many things about, as the Attilio Bettega tribute donated in 1986 to 'Icio Perissinot and recently restored, the composition combining the two cars of Bettega/Perissinot and Toivonen/Cresto united by cruel fate ...

Today is an important day. Like every year, for all rally sicks like us is an anniversary, the double anniversary of two May 2, 1985 and 1986 we tore in Corsica these neverforget champions.
But today, specifically, exactly thirty years after Attilio Bettega passed away.

I wanted to rewind the tape and go over my passionate story wich the Attilio's race carreer, studying and discovering facts and anecdotes that did not know, by order of memories that are not going away.
And I gathered all in one illustration, trying to capture key steps of the Trentino's champion carreer. A champion in race and in humilty. A rally driver quickly arrived on WRC's peaks tops. Generous but spectacular, features that air quiet and reserved that clashed with its driving soul and with attitude of too many "phenomena" rally drivers of our days ...

Final result is a history, forced on a 100 cm x 70 cm piece that took me for almost three work weeks. And [ here it is.

Full story [ here ]
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