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Vanillah - de.bug / 2016.06.26
Since 2013, the year of my return in North Italy and my arrival in Val di Fiemme, every summer a regular event helps me to turn off the computer to resume manuality and colors, painting and brushes.

Condividere una Passione is a collective expo, but not only. It is an active workshop, a market where we share with other four/five amateur artists the passion for drawing and painting. As fans group we have also given us a name: desperArt and [ this ] is our Facebook page.

And thanks to Condividere una Passione, after a trial art fasting over a decade, in 2013 I re-started to draw ... "hand made". Fasting caused by my work, still on image world, but increasingly focused over the last 10-15 years to a more technical aesthetic sphere, as computer graphics and general advertising. Also, all my spent artistic activity had always revolved primarily around airbrush for custom art and pencils, ink and markers regarding motor art and automotive illustrations on paper. Thanks to this group of passionate I could enlarge my experimentations to the various techniques that include brushes. Indeed, I can say ... I've "started to use brushes", since my only experience with bristles went back to the high school times, in art education hours.

In 2013 and 2014 I show some of my motor art illustration, realizing in days of exposure also some postcards watercolor with various subjects. Last year I instead continued to practice my portrait skills, presenting a series of small pictures on canvas united by a common theme, portraits of singers and musical groups all made in black and white, using AN UNIQUE brush and AN UNIQUE color: black acrylic, with a little touch of white. I also tried to experiment watercolor technique, but I tend more and more to deviant, cure too much detail. Paradoxically, in my black and white portraits I use acrylic as a watercolor, playing on different transparencies that can take on a matter as "drastic" like acrylic not only according to dilution, but also drying time. And this year I will continue on this vein, even musical brand new portraits.

Condividere una Passione brought me use hands to give shape to my inspirations. And this year for the first time I "payback", turning the computer on and fabricating the 2016 edition official poster [ here ]
Actually, even in this digital image there is a loto fo manual skill: the tree on background is a riciclart composition of Silvietta (present again this year with her bags and handmade handbags) and all polaroid resume work in heads of the various artists who have also joined this year.

Opening ceremony is scheduled for 18:00 of Saturday, July 16. The exhibition will then continue until 24 at the premises of ex Cassa Rurale in Tesero (TN - Italy)
Obviously you're all invited!
Testo in Italiano
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