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Vanillah - de.bug / 2016.06.03
The Alfa Romeo racing history is a long and precious chapter. It range from motorsport dawn triumphs in first Formula 1 Grand Prix and extends for decades to all specialities, both on tracks and road races, hillclimbs and rallies, collecting other pretigious worldwide successes. But in my race car deco carrier though to draw very few Alfa. Indeed, until yesterday my actions were definitely limited to the decoration of an Alfa 33 rally for Stefano Mosca in 1997 and an illustration gift for my friend Marco Stella in 2015.
Today I add another small contribution to history and image of this great Italian brand, even it's a race program that unfortunately does not enjoy official Alfa Romeo endorsement. But we always speaking about "Romeo" and Milan, specify one of last true race cars tuner, in this motorsport era increasingly "aftermarket", an era of charterers and cars rent by more than real and properly called tuners.
I talk about Romeo Ferraris, a brisk and actually winning reality in motorsport as in road preparation of high and medium performance vehicles.

Thanks to Claudio Bortoletto contact, I've just got work with Romeo Ferraris drawing car, driver/codriver race suits and race car truck hovering WRC3 ACI Team Italia program, managed by the Milan factory. Along with the volcanic mustache I started a new job with the Giulietta TCR project, a car completely revised from Ferraris for the World series devoted to tuned touring cars. A young league but growing fast split between an international series and various national series, the races are often disputed in conjunction with F1 rounds. Unlike the FIA WTCC, the TCR regulation is designed to encourage "private" investments as the Team Romeo Ferraris.

The gestation of the Giulietta TCR livery has been long. It began in November last year as a classci "white page", he has lived 6/7 reinterpretations while the car debuted with Michela Cerruti, playing first two rounds of 2016 calendar.

You can rest [ here ] the full story, scrolling trough the various proposals gradually discarded until final result wich debuts this weekend at the Salzburgring in Austria, where in addition to the Michela Cerruti's car is added a twin one to the strong Czech driver Petr Fulín.
All race photos instead be found [ here ]
Testo in Italiano
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