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Vanillah - de.bug / 2013.08.15
Today I want to remember Lionel Régal, courage, technique and determination big champion, combined with a humility and class dose very rare in motorsport and races world. Quality, character and passion inherited from his father Marc died in 1997 at Tarbes/Osmets Hillclimb, south France. From that day the young Lionel's commitment will be totally set on the single-seat race cars development started right from his father, with the stated mission to bring from racetracks to the European hillclimbs triumph, "in the name of the father" as he would like to emphasize himself. Top organizing his Equipe Régal, Lionel succeed better project graduating absolute 2008 European Hill-Climb Champion and French Champion for 5 uninterrupted seasons, from 2005 to 2009.
Huntin' for the 6th consecutive French title and in challenge for an ever fought European Championship, Lionel Régal starts attacking the 2010 St.Ursanne/Les Rangiers, one of the rainiest edition in the Switzerland race's history. Bad weather regardless, the traditional "grippon" speed detection declare Régal already the fastest of all. But approaching to T2 point, about 250 km/h estimate speed the Lionel's Reynard suddenly loses his grip on a water trickle and flies inside (not protected by guardrails) of fast turn, arresting tragically his race against a tree.
15.08.2010 - 15.08.2013 : [ Goodbye little Lió, au revoir petit prince ]
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