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Vanillah - de.bug / 2013.08.01
I hade designed many race cars ... true liveries, paper or 3D plans and drawings. But until now I NEVER had to deal with a "restoration" of something of my own, however, dating back almost thirty years ago.
We are in full amarcord mode: 1986, a race season that fans remember how terrible and crucial to the rallying world. And many will remember that May 2 that joined with cruel irony a year later the tragic fate of Henri ToivonenSergio Cresto and Attilio Bettega. 1986 already "celebrated" May 2 this year with another illustration [ here ] But even in that '86 summer I thought homage to Maurizio "'Icio" Perissinot with a memory of the rally driver in which my hero (from Pordenone like me) shared the most important years of his career.
Thank to Riccardo Mele, Perissinot's impassioned grandson, after almost thirty years I have recovered that design yellowed by time and then I decided for a restoration. With this [ images sequence ] I try to tell a task that proved to be much more complicated than expected, but in the end the 037 has returned to shine in its original Martini Racing colors.
Testo in Italiano
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