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Vanillah - de.bug / 2014.12.26
There are easy works and also some much more complicated than others.
It's not a tech or difficulty matter, I'm talkin' about interpretation and involvement.
In every my creation, artistic or commercial wich is, I try to impersonate wishes and expectations of customers and end users.
Obviously this happens also when I get attracted to a landscape, an animal, any subject to play with my illustration.
Involvement is higher and matters complicate itself so much just when happen to must (to wanna do) make something "from heart".

Andrea passed away a few years ago. He was a child, lively, a lively boy, brisk and life plenty.
A life cut short too early from an incurable disease.
Andrea was the son of a friend of mine.
Andrea - IS - the son of a friend of mine, that I wanted to imagine how he would appear today, making him relive with a portrait.

Today Andrea lives [ here ]
Testo in Italiano
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